bio_jahn_155pxhtAlex Jahn
Department of Zoology
Universidade Estadual Paulista (São Paulo State University)
Rio Claro, SP, Brazil
phone: +55-19-98207-5758

Alex is an Associate Researcher at Universidade Estadual Paulista, one of Brazil’s public universities. His primary research is on the behavioral and evolutionary ecology of flycatchers (family Tyrannidae). To do so, Alex works as part of the Aves Internacionales Network, an international group of researchers studying bird migration across the Americas. Project members band flycatchers and monitor their nests at study sites in Argentina, Brazil, Guyana and Colombia. Through the use of light-level geolocators, data on migratory behavior and winter range of individual birds is collected. This data is then analyzed within a phylogenetic framework to understand how migration has evolved in South American flycatchers.

B.S. (Fisheries and Wildlife Management) Lake Superior State University
M.S. (Biology) University of Arkansas
Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Ecology) University of Florida