Jill Jankowski
Dept. Zoology and Biodiversity Research Centre
University of British Columbia
6270 University Blvd
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
phone: (604)-827-3871
email: jankowsk@biodiversity.ubc.ca

Dr. Jankowski is an Assistant Professor at University of British Columbia. Her research program examines spatial patterns of avian diversity and the ecological factors that shape species distributions in heterogeneous landscapes. This approach integrates descriptive patterns with tests of underlying mechanisms using experiments, behavioral observations, and modeling techniques. She works in Neotropical mountain ranges of South and Central America. Dr. Jankowski’s graduate students conduct research on related themes, but typically develop their own systems within the umbrella of her program. Additionally, undergraduate students and volunteers from diverse global counterparts, many from Latin America, participate directly in field data collection and projects, and are assisted in developing independent projects, presenting work at conferences and publishing in the primary literature. Dr. Jankowski also teaches undergraduate courses at UBC in ecology and biogeography annually, and runs a field course in tropical ecology and conservation every four to five years.

B.S. & M.S. (Ecology, Evolution and Population Biology) Purdue University
Ph.D. (Biology) University of Florida