OSNA Renewal Season Changes: As announced in an email from OSNA on October 11, OSNA’s membership database for the Association of Field Ornithologists, Raptor Research Foundation, Wilson Ornithological Society and American Ornithological Society (formerly AOU and COS), will move to a new cloud-based membership management system, MemberSuite.

This new system will provide members with access to services that you have come to expect from OSNA, such as the ability to renew all your OSNA memberships with one visit to the site, as well as new services such as automatic membership renewals and registration for meetings. The Waterbird Society will no longer participate in the shared OSNA membership database. Members of the Waterbird Society will receive information explaining some of the changes they may expect this fall.

The 2017 Membership Renewal Season for AFO, AOS, RRF and WOS will begin in late November or early December 2016. Members will receive an email inviting them to go to the MemberSuite portal to renew. If your email address is not on record with OSNA or if you do not renew in early December, you will receive a printed copy of the OSNA renewal form in late December. As in the past, you will receive several reminder emails and printed renewal notices during the Renewal Season if you have not renewed. If you have questions, contact Bonnie Bowen, OSNA Executive Director, OSNAexec@gmail.com.