AFO Council

The AFO’s Council consist of both amateur and professional ornithologists, in recognition of the contributions that both make to ornithology. If you are interested in assisting with the governance of AFO, or if you would like to nominate a candidate for the AFO council, email the nominations committee.

Officers & Councilers

President: Paul Rodewald
Vice President:  Dan Ardia
Secretary:  Dale Gawlik
Treasurer:  Scott Sutcliffe
Liaison to ARS:  Dan ArdiaReed Bowman
Past President:  Reed Bowman
Editor, JFO:  Gary Ritchison


Class of 2018
Jill Jankowski
Matthew Reudink
Jennifer Smith
Scott H. Stoleson
Christine Stracey Richard

Class of 2019
Rob Aldredge
Ian Ausprey
Dan Cristol
Julie Jedlicka
Matthew Shumar

Class of 2020
David Aborn
Mary Garvin
Jessica Oswald (2nd term)
Sarah Sargent
Mark S. Woodrey (2nd term)


Associate Editors
Daniel R. Ardia, Juan I. Areta, David N. Bonter, David R. Brown, Christopher E. Hill, Jeffrey P. Hoover, Miguel Â. Marini, Abby N. Powell. Spanish Editors: Pilar Benites, Leonardo Calle, Juan Pablo Gomez, Gustavo Londoño, Raul A. Pérez-Rivera.

Recent Past Presidents
Reed Bowman (2015-2016), Kathryn Purcell (2013-2014), L. Scott Johnson (2011-2012), David N. Bonter (2009-2010), Cecilia Riley (2007-2008), Eugene Morton (2004-2006), Scott Sutcliffe (2003-2004), Jerry Jackson (2000-2002), Charles Duncan (1997-1999), Elissa Landre (1995-1997), Gregory S. Butcher (1993-1995), Edward H. Burtt Jr. (1991-1993). For a more complete list of AFO’s past presidents, click HERE.

AFO Afield
Content Editor – Jennifer Smith (
Design – Anne Marie Johnson

AFO Representatives for Other Organizations
OSNA – Michael Lombardo and David Aborn
Ornithological Council (representatives) – Scott Stoleson and Dan Cristol
North American Banding Council – Ian Ausprey and Luke DeGroote
Biological Research Institute (mist-net sales) – Patrick Keenan

AFO Committees

Nominations Committee

Traditionally the Vice President takes the lead on working with the council to identify a slate of new council members and officers to be presented at the Annual Meeting. The committee has a minimum of 3 individuals.

  • Dan Ardia (chair, Vice President)
  • Paul Rodewald (President)
  • Reed Bowman (Immediate Past President)

Membership Committee

Responsibilities: Develop and implement strategies to increase the number of AFO members. This includes developing effective ways of communicating with existing members to keep them informed of AFO’s activities and value and recruiting new members.

  • Eric Walters (chair)
  • Kathryn Purcell
  • Michael Lombardo
  • Reed Bowman
  • L. Scott Johnson

Finance Committees

Finance Committee Responsibilities: Responsible for oversight of the endowment funds. Develop an investment plan, identify investing trustees, who will then advise on investment firms. Review the performance of the investment company at least once per year, report to the AFO Council on performance and recommend continuation or otherwise with the current professional manager and the current investment guidelines.

  • Scott Suttcliffe (chair, Treasurer)
  • Reed Bowman (Liaison to ARS)
  • Dan Ardia (Vice President and Liaison to ARS)
  • Scott Johnson (Investing Trustee)
  • Paul Rodewald (ex-officio, President)

Investing Trustees

  • Allan R. Keith, Chair and Financial Trustee
  • Daniel Ardia, Ornithological Trustee
  • Christopher P. Sherman, Financial Trustee
  • L. Scott Johnson, Ornithological Trustee

Neotropical Outreach Committee

Responsibilities: Coordinate AFO’s Neotropical initiatives, including recruitment of members from the Neotropics, and informing ornithologists in the Neotropics of AFO meetings, awards and other activities.

  • Valentina Ferretti (chair)
  • Alex Jahn
  • John Cavitt
  • Dylan Maddox
  • Vicki McDonald
  • Gustavo Sebastian Cabanne
  • Juan Pablo Isacch

Publications Committee

Responsibilities: a) Work with Wiley-Blackwell Publishers on issues related to publishing the Journal of Field Ornithology. b) Work to increase the quality and “impact” of JFO. c) Work to maintain/increase library subscriptions/revenue.

  • Rob Aldredge (chair)
  • Gary Ritchison (editor of JFO)
  • Dan Ardia
  • Michael Lombardo
  • Christen Pruitt (Wiley-Blackwell representative;
  • Paul Rodewald (ex-officio)

Awards Committees

Bergstrom Award Committee
Responsibilities: Advertise Bergstrom Award, evaluate proposals, award gifts.

  • Valentina Ferretti & Paul Rodewald (chairs)

U.S./Canada Competition Reviewers:

  • Dan Ardia
  • Ethan Clotfelter
  • Tom Gardali
  • Julie Jedlicka
  • Eugene Morton
  • Lee Robinson
  • Scott Stoleson
  • Jason Townsend

Latin American Competition Reviewers:

  • Nacho Areta
  • Dan Brooks
  • John Arvin
  • Dan Lebbin
  • Felipe Chavez
  • Paulo Llambias
  • Viviana Massoni
  • Alex Jahn
  • Renata Ribeiro
  • Jason Mobley
  • James J. Roper
  • Carlos Bianchi

Skutch Research Award Committee
Responsibilities: Advertise Skutch Award, evaluate proposals, award gift.

  • Elissa Landre (chair)
  • F. Gary Stiles
  • Ken Rosenberg
  • Manuel Marin
  • Enrique Bucher
  • Jason Mobley
  • Luis Naranjo

Skutch Medal Committee

  • chairs to be filled

Best Student Publication Award Committee
Responsibilities: To identify the student-generated paper in each volume of the Journal of Field Ornithology that best exemplifies quality research and scholarship.

  • Diane Neudorf (chair)
  • Gary Ritchison
  • John Cavitt
  • Ethan Clotfelter
  • Dan Cristol
  • Colleen Barber
  • Dale Gawlik

Travel Awards
Responsibilities: Organize and oversee awards for travel by students, post-doctoral fellows, and amateur/avocational ornithologists to annual meetings.

  • Julie Jedlicka (chair)
  • Dale Gawlik

Student Presentation Awards
Responsibilities: Organize awards and judge student presentations at annual meetings; serve as representatives or co-chairs on student presentation award committees at joint meetings.

  • Angela Tringali (chair;
  • Diane Neudorf
  • Dan Cristol

Students & Early Professionals Committees

Students & Early Professionals Committee
Responsibilities: newly formed by Council in 2015.

  • Jennifer Smith (chair)
  • Ian Ausprey
  • Vanesa Bejarano
  • Jessica Oswald
  • Matthew Reudink

Website Development and Maintenance Committee

Responsibilities: Design and maintain all aspects of AFO’s website.

  • Matthew Shumar (chair)
  • Paul Rodewald
  • Reed Bowman (ex-officio)

Translators. The following individuals have assisted with translating our website into Spanish and Portuguese:

  • Alex Jahn
  • Leonardo Calle
  • Ivan Celso Carvalho Provinciato
  • Molly McDermott
  • Pilar Benites

Foreign Language Translators

Responsibilities:  Translate AFO materials for/serve as a liaison with Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking members, researchers, and students.

Spanish Editors

  • Alex Jahn
  • Pilar Benites
  • Leonardo Calle
  • Juan Pablo Gomez
  • Gustavo Londoño
  • Raul A. Pérez-Rivera

Portuguese Editors

  • Jason Mobley

Annual Meeting

2016 – NAOC in Washington DC

  • Steering Committee: Dan Cristol, Representative

2017 – Ornithological Congress of the Americas, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina (August 8-11, 2017)

  • Joint meeting of the AFO. Brazilian Society of Ornithology, and Aves Argentina
  • AFO Co-Chairs, Valentina Ferretti and Alex Jahn
  • Pedro Devely, SBO President
  • Cecilia Kopuchian, Aves Argentina