AFO Afield Newsletter

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October 23, 2019
 └ Last minute details for the annual conference in Cape May, NJ, USA, NAOC call for proposals

August 27, 2019
 └ 2019 Conference details, Skutch Award, recent blog posts, NAOC VII announcement


Past issues

Previously, AFO Afield was published about two times a year in a traditional paper format. It includes news on our meetings, future plans, and AFO activities. Past issues are available below to download.


March 2018
 └ Ornithological Congress of the Americas recap, Council update, Award updates

June 2017
 └ 2016 NAOC recap, Ornithological Congress of the Americas, Avinet

August 2016
 └ 2016 NAOC, Skutch Award winner interviews, Patagonia’s migratory birds

February 2016
 └ 2015 Meeting, Bergstrom Memorial Awards, House Sparrow eggs, Social Media & the Digital World

March 2015
 └ New website, Avian Research Supplies, NABC, meetings

May 2014
 └ 92nd Annual Meeting announcement, Bergstrom Memorial Awards

December 2013
 └ AFO history, 2013 Bergstrom & Skutch winners

June 2013
 └ 91st Annual Meeting summary, Neotropical sponsorships, Council update

December 2012
 └ 91st Annual Meeting announcement, NAOC summary, JFO impact

June 2012
 └ NAOC announcement, Best Student Publication 2011, Council update

Nov 2011
 └ Banding supplies, Neotropical ornithologists, Bergstrom & Skutch winners

May 2011
 └ 89th Annual Meeting summary

December 2010
 └ Meeting announcement, award winners

April 2010
 └ Meeting announcements, Council update

July 2009
 └ 87th Annual Meeting summary

November 2007
 └ Biological field stations, award winners, NABC

March 2007
 └ 2006 Skutch Medal, meeting announcement, The Alexander Skutch Project

January 2006
 └ 2006 announcements, avian influenza

January 2005
 └ 2004 meeting summary, NSWO banding