Angela Tringali
Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Avian Ecology Program
Archbold Biological Station
123 Main Drive

Venus, FL 33960
phone: (863) 465-2571

Dr. Tringali’s research integrates behavioral ecology and conservation biology, focusing on the links between individual behavior and demography. For example, she demonstrated that urban effects can impact demography of protected populations as a result of dispersal. By using data from long-term studies she is able to address questions about the evolution of social behaviors. Her current research focuses on the behavior and social networks of Florida Scrub-Jays at Archbold Biological Station, where she is a post-doc. Dr. Tringali works closely with  post-baccalaureate interns and graduate students at Archbold to provide mentorship on their independent projects and opportunities for collaboration.

B.S. (Environmental and Forest Biology) SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Ph.D. (Conservation Biology) University of Central Florida